Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who are you following....

So it is of late that I have been talking to people who are leaving their churches for reasons that I can not understand.....
  • I have issues with what was preached last Sunday
  • There is just nothing there for me
  • I don't feel connected
  • I don't have a personal relationship with my pastor
  • I'm not feed
I'm not saying if you have biblical sin that you should stay at your home church, but if there are somethings missing....it could be you missing.

We are to be serving and worshiping God not man.  We are to follow Jesus not our pastor.  Maybe I have been through so much change in my life that this makes it easy for me to understand.  However we are not to go to a church because of one man, but so we may fellowship with fellow Christians, live life along side each other....HELLO your pastor/preacher is just a man!  Don't get me wrong, the pastor is a/the leader of a congregation, but we are to be serving along side him, not putting him up high and making him an unapproachable put on a shelf man.

I digress....

There are times we need to take a step outside our comfort zone and do things instead of expecting everything to just fall into our lap.  If you don't feel connected, then get connected, join a small group, meet people, have a bible study, pray with someone about their issues instead of about yours.  Just to name a few

I don't have a personal relationship with my pastor, here is a concept....then get to know him...pray for him and his family, ask how he is doing instead of waiting for him to check on you!

I'm not feed...I saw an amazing saying on Angie's blog (Two Things in common love God, love others) today... "The bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions."  I also remember in a small group discussion a month or so back that as a leader at my church I should be well feed when I come to service on Sunday mornings not looking to be feed...how can I serve others on Sunday morning if I have not feed myself through out the week....I think you got the idea!

Then there is the..."teaching is wrong or so and so hurt me"..If someone at church has offended you there is scripture telling us what we are to do, Matthew 18:15 "If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you.  If they listen to you, you have won them over" NIV If you have a problem with something that was taught you need to speak to the one who taught the lesson.  You don't leave a church because of something that was said and not pray about it, study it or talk to the teacher.  Sometimes we are offended because the teaching is something we needed to hear and there is something we need to correct.

Lastly...you don't leave a church and when talking to others (or on Facebook) slander the church you just left.

I understand we live in a country that gives us freedom of speech, however gossip and slander is something Jesus taught about....and it was not something he told us to do!

Just my thoughts of today!