Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Busy and Blessed Life!

I most certainly have a busy life, most my friend on facebook I'm sure roll their eyes when they see an updated post from me.

It occurred to me this morning after posting a simple word of HELP yesterday on facebook of how luck and /or blessed I truly am.
You see I was stuck in a state of panic that I must confess I created (we usually do if we are truly honest with ourselves.)... 

My oldest dear daughter is trying to find peace in her life with end of junior year in college and she just starts to see the light and BAMB she gets an unexpected email that I know will throw her into a state of depression.

My amazing baby girl is at the end of one season of life...graduating from high school and already is planning her new step in life moving to college in just a short 6weeks

My handsome and very helpful husband is going through another transition in life where one day makes him smile and the next makes him give up.

Grandma decided a few weeks back that we needed to sell her beautiful home that we just settled her not 16 months ago because the house isn't a good fit....she needs a home with no stairs (duh), and we are at the home stretch her home under contract and a cute little ranch waiting for her to move in and put her wonderfully "white decor" touches on.  Then the bomb hits..inspection issues and we wonder if anything will close at all.

Mom is also moving...she so needs my help and all I can do is be a sounding board when she is on the cliff and pray.

My job is so much fun and is so busy, I have so many fun projects in the works and have the freedom to create its crazy

So you see my life is full and busy, and yesterday I hit the stage where I found myself complaining, breaking down and not knowing what to do.

Then it hit me....Sabina you are blessed!
Shannon is doing so well in school and has an amazing job...pursuing her dream of teaching
Jessica has turned into a beautiful young lady who now has a future plan...pursuing her dream of audio production
Michael finally has a job...may not be his dream but he is enjoying it
Grandma is here and I have the enjoyment of spending time with her and getting to give back to her after all the years she gave to me
Mom and I get to talk almost everyday (it's not about fun stuff but we are talking) and she is moving closer to me

So Sabina stop panicking and look around at who you still have with you....because in a blink of an eye it could be gone.

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