Thursday, October 31, 2013

Packing & Moving to Where?

Oh the joys of moving...yes I said JOY!

The beginning of October our landlord notified us she was moving back to Colorado and was in need of her home.  Can you say panic?  It defiantly set in...especially when we started looking for a new rental and could not find any with in our price range.

Week 1 - start packing and +Sabina Claus starts the internet search through +Craigs List Posting Service  and +Zillow.  There was a few properties out there so I set appointments to go and view them.

House #1 we will name the crack house.  There were two reasons why this was named the crack house.  One the inside was so outdated and looked like the patched holes in the walls were a last minute deal just to get the place rented, two there was a 1/2 inch crack all along the foundation wall.  It had potential and was currently the only home with in our price range that was not to far from Grandmas house or in an unsafe neighborhood.  I get there for what I thought was a private showing with application and $ in hand...there were 12 other families also there to view the home.

Week 2 - Continue packing and go neighborhood hunting with +Susan Castillo ...there were no for rent signs anywhere

House #2  a townhouse listed as a 2 bedroom 2 bath 980 for $1200/mo (i'm dying at the prices let me tell you) Again there are multiple people looking at the home and its not a two bedroom but a one small bedroom (might fit a double) with a basement family room (had a closet and door to the basement lets call it a master bed)

House #3 Apartment hunting we will go...after 3 communities of problem properties we decided that apartment living would not work with our price range.  One most communities would not take Gracie and if they did there would be monthly pet charges plus a 3 times your out barking rule and two they were so ghetto I was in fear of my amazing husband landing in prison for some of the crazy people who lived there

Week 3 - House almost completely packed...I hate living out of boxes

House #4 Finally found a home in Zillow in our price range, small "cute" house...go for private viewing!  Again multiple families are also there "bidding" on the home.  It's not available until Nov 18th...but we will figure it out.

Week 4 - We have no choice but to move...but to where?  My wonderful Mother +Susan Castillo and Grandmother both offered rooms for us to live in till we find a home...we decided the space and sanity we should move in with the Castillos for a while.

  • Everything but our bed and clothes are in storage ($456/mo for storage are you kidding me?)
  • Gracie will get to go to camp every day - this way she wont kill the cat or Dad who is home all day go crazy with her under foot ($115/week...again are you kidding me?)
  • Michael has the opportunity to take allergy meds everyday - he is very allergic to cats (thankfully right now only $30/mo)
  • Mom and Dad...bless their hearts, just moved into their home in June...they already have live in long term guests (loving parents = priceless)
Yesterday I handed over the keys to my good friend Angela Baldauf cleaned our filthy house...It looked amazing and today marks 5 full days living at mom and dads.  Things are going great...but the final bills are now coming in.  Hopefully starting December we can start saving the money and find the right house this spring.

In the mean time we will focus on me healing, saving money...and keeping my husbands sanity together!